Corrie stars sorry for Tony

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  • 27 May 2010
Julie Hesmondhalgh, James Fleet, Alison King and Gray O'Brien

Julie Hesmondhalgh, James Fleet, Alison King and Gray O'Brien

'Coronation Street' actresses Alison King and Julie Hesmondhalgh have joked they got Stockholm syndrome when their alter-egos were tied up and held hostage by murderer Tony Gordon

Alison King and Julie Hesmondhalgh got Stockholm syndrome whilst filming 'Coronation Street's siege.

The actresses - who portray Carla Connor and Hayley Cropper in the ITV1 soap - had so much fun when their alter-egos are held hostage in Underworld by evil murderer Tony Gordon (Gray O'Brien), they have joked they started to develop the medical condition where hostages feel sorry for their captor.

Alison told BANG Showbiz: "We were just tied up and gagged at stages for a week and a half. Director David Kester kept coming up and going, 'OK, in this scene I see you in the chair.' And we'd be like, 'Oh, guess where we are again.' "

Julie added: "We got a bit of Stockholm Syndrome by the end. We were like, 'No, it's alright, leave us here. We don't need a tea break!' "

During these long scenes, the actresses often needed people to wipe their noses because they were so restricted.

Julie said: "I had to get my nose wiped quite a lot. 'Make-up. can you wipe this drip of my nose.' "

The ITV soap's most expensive storyline ever is about to reach its climax next week, when Tony escapes prison and comes back to Weatherfield to seek revenge on his estranged wife Carla.

'The Siege' storyline will be aired every night next week, from Monday May 31 until the top secret finale on June 4.

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