BGT drag war

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  • 25 May 2010
Maxxie auditioning on Britain's Got Talent

Maxxie Oliver

Two 'Britain's Got Talent' drag acts, Lady Gaga impersonator Maxxie Oliver, and Beyonce Knowles wannabe Corey-Sean Williams, are at war

Two 'Britain's Got Talent' drag acts are at war.

Contestant Maxxie Oliver - who is a Lady Gaga impersonator - slammed Beyonce Knowles wannabe Corey-Sean Williams for miming to the singer's 'Single Ladies' hit on Sunday (23.05.10)'s ITV1 reality show.

Maxxie told The Sun newspaper: "An impersonator should sing live. You're not an artist if you can't sing live and I didn't like the clothes he wore or the look.

"A female impersonator is supposed to look like the person they're doing. Corey was lacking the Beyonce curves - too skinny."

But Corey-Sean - who is now planning to release a single - hit back, launching into a war of words with his rival.

He said: "I think he needs to look in the mirror. His singing was terrible and he didn't do the routine properly.

"All I would say to this wannabe is, 'I'll fight you in the charts and then we'll see who the real diva is'."

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