Exposure: Veronica Falls

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  • 28 May 2010
Exposure: Veronica Falls

Poppy tunes and dark-as-the-night lyrics feature on Veronica Falls’ first two singles ‘Found Love in a Graveyard’, and the soon to be released ‘Beachy Head’. The London-based four-piece (two boys and two girls) draw influence from shambling Glasgow bands like The Pastels and American post-punk boppers like Beat Happening in equal measure. Just don’t pigeonhole them with the rest of the C86 revival crowd. Guitarist James Hoare and drummer Patrick Doyle explain why.

You’ve all been in a lot of bands. Can you run through your collective musical history?
Hoare: Roxanne [Clifford, vocals] and Patrick were in The Royal We and Sexy Kids, and I used to be in a band called Your Twenties. The three of us met about a year and a half ago and found we had similar ideas. We got a bassist [Marion Herbain], who was a friend of Roxanne and Patrick’s from Glasgow. She hadn’t actually played in any bands, and learnt the instrument from scratch. She got ready in about a month.

Your sound seems split between UK and American influences, and you’ve spent time living in New York. Do you feel more at home here or over there?
Hoare: We’re influenced by a mix of the two countries’ sounds, but I’d say we want to sound British. At the same time we’re not trying to fit into the C86 thing. That’s something we get pigeonholed with a lot. We’re sounding a bit heavier than we used to because initially we got reviews saying we were twee, and we really didn’t want to fit in with the twee Swedish/UK indie scene.

How do you feel about playing with Teenage Fanclub?
Doyle: Really excited. It’s kind of daunting, because the shows are a lot bigger than we’d normally be playing, but we’re embracing that, and looking forward to hearing all Teenage Fanclub’s new stuff.

Veronica Falls support Teenage Fanclub at O2 ABC, Glasgow, Wed 2 Jun, and HMV Picturehouse, Edinburgh, Thu 3 Jun.

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