John Cage Musicircus brings contemporary music to children

John Cage Musicircus brings contemporary music to children

He may not be around to see it, but it’s a fairly safe bet that John Cage would approve of Tramway’s upcoming family event. The late American composer created his first ‘Musicircus’ back in 1967, and over 40 years later, the idea is still going strong.

For Cage, music was anything you wanted it to be – even silence. Not that there’ll be much of that at Tramway on 30th May, when children of all ages, plus parents and carers, are invited to make as much noise as they like. ‘The day will be easygoing, friendly and relaxed,’ says event organiser, Rosemary James. ‘So the whole venue will be a place where parents and carers can take kids and not feel they have to make them be quiet. The entire space will be open to exploration by everyone.’

A pioneer in contemporary music, Cage was passionate about trying new things – which is exactly what James hopes will happen at their Musicircus. ‘The participatory aspect of the event was really important to us,’ she says. ‘So we’ve created a lot of opportunities for kids to make their own sounds and music, to give them a sense of being part of a creative process. And help them realise that you don’t have to sing like an angel or play an instrument really well – you can join in making music and enjoy getting involved at even the most basic level.’

Tramway, Glasgow, Sun 30 May

Family Day - John Cage Musicircus

Workshops and activities with a focus on contemporary music for all the family that make a great introduction to the arts, including a show from Starcatchers suitable for the under 4s.

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