Alison King fears for Carla

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  • 24 May 2010
Coronation Street actress Alison King

Alison King

'Coronation Street's Tony Gordon (Gray O'Brien) will escape from prison, and is coming for Carla Connor (Alison King) in the most expensive episodes the show has ever made

'Coronation Street's Carla Connor would be "terrified" if she knew Tony Gordon was out to get her.

Actress Alison King - who plays the sexy businesswoman - believes her alter-ego would be petrified if she knew how much danger she will be in when her murdering spouse escapes from prison.

The 'Siege' episodes involving Tony (Gray O'Brien)'s shocking jail break and the drama that ensues are the most expensive the 50-year-old show has ever produced.

Alison, who has played Carla for over three years, said: "Carla would be terrified if she had any idea about Tony's escape plot. She knows better than anyone how dangerous he can be. She wouldn't doubt he'd kill again.

"He's never forgiven her for cheating on him with Liam and her part in losing him Maria. If she knew he was about to break out and return to the Street she'd fear for her life. But at the moment her biggest fear is the factory going under.

What Tony does after his escape is top secret, but the actress reveals it involves a stunt double and "explosive" scenes.

She said: "These episodes are the most expensive 'Corrie' has ever produced. I've been involved in some fantastic stunts, in fact my stunt double is in there at the moment whilst I talk.

"We've been filming some explosive scenes involving loads of the cast. If Carla knew Tony was about to break out and return to the Street she'd fear for her life."

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