Alexandra Burke ditches diets

Alexandra Burke claims she eats what she wants and never goes to the gym, despite being a size 10

Alexandra Burke

Alexandra Burke

Alexandra Burke doesn't believe in dieting.

The 'Bad Boys' hitmaker insists she eats whatever she wants and has an equally relaxed approach to exercise, despite being a UK size 10.

Alexandra said: "I've attempted diets for about a day but then I eat what I want again. I just don't believe in full-on dieting because it doesn't work.

"I haven't been to the gym since last year but my dance rehearsals keep me fit. And I try to eat in moderation - little and often.

"I love food - full stop."

Despite the star's enviable figure, Alexandra admits she isn't always comfortable with her body.

She said: "My thighs are too big. I have to pull dresses over my head and I can still get upset about that, but it's how I'm built."

Despite her insecurities, the singer is proud to be seen as an inspiration to others.

She said: "A lot of people tweeted me and said, 'Alex, you've inspired me to start dancing again,' so if I can help at least one person live their dreams then that's a goal achieved."

Alexandra Burke

Former X Factor winner struts her dance pop stuff.


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