Jack P. Shepherd loves 'evil' David

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  • 21 May 2010
Jack P. Shepherd

Jack P. Shepherd

Jack P. Shepherd can't wait for his 'Coronation Street' character David Platt to turn evil again, when comes up with a devious plan to save his mother Gail McIntyre from prison

Jack P. Shepherd can't wait for his character David Platt to be evil again in 'Coronation Street'.

Although the actor he has enjoyed seeing a softer side to the TV bad boy, he thinks the angelic turn his alter-ego has taken in recent months is too "weird".

The 22-year-old star said: "I'll be glad when this is over and I can go back to being evil. I think it's just weird, personally!"

David's personality has become more pleasant recently, as his mum Gail - played by Helen Worth - is falsely imprisoned for the murder of her husband Joe McIntyre (Reece Dinsdale).

Desperate to get his mum out of prison, David becomes desperate and resorts to illegal means to try and free Gail.

He remembers a cleaner who was at the lake at the same time Joe tried to fake his own death - before he accidentally killed himself - and realises she could be used as a witness.

Jack - who has played David for 10 years - said: "He comes up with the idea to bribe her to tell the police she saw Joe sail away on the boat without Gail."

With a little help from brother Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) he manages to get two thousand pounds together, and strike a deal with the cleaner to make a false statement.

But the plan soon brings doubt for Nick who fears their plan may be foiled and could make things worse.

Jack said: "Nick's worried that the police will suss out that it's a lie. David's sure everything will be fine.

"David knows his mum is completely innocent, so it doesn't even enter his head for one minute that he could be found guilty."

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