Emmerdale Barton's rebel daughter

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  • 21 May 2010
Emmerdale actor James Thornton

Emmerdale actor James Thornton

'Emmerdale's Barton family are stunned to learn their daughter has been thrown out of college for drug dealing

'Emmerdale's Barton family are stunned to learn their daughter has been thrown out of college.

Parents John and Moira - played by James Thornton and Natalie Robb - are left confused when they attend eldest girl Holly's (Sophie Powles) art exhibition, only to find her work not on display, and are amazed when her tutor explains she has been asked to leave the facility for drug dealing.

James - whose character recently kissed Eve Jenson (Suzanne Shaw) - explained: "It's a tricky time for them because they've just come out of this problem with Eve and they've started to make headway with their relationship.

"They go out to see Holly's art exhibition at college and it's the first time they've been out since the kiss with Eve and they're getting on quite well - they're all flirty and having a laugh. That all stops, though, when they find out that Holly's artwork isn't on show and they want to know why.

"When they speak to the tutor, they're told that Holly's been thrown out for dealing drugs. John and Moira thought it'd been dealt with but they realise that it's a lot worse than they imagined."

Holly's battle with drugs is set to be one of the show's major storylines this year, and Natalie promises it will get "quite dark" at times.

She added to DigitalSpy: "It's going to head into territory that 'Emmerdale's never been in before. We're going to be doing a lot of research - particularly Sophie. It'll be fairly controversial. and it gets quite dark, put it that way."

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