ITV2 plans 'living soap'

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  • 20 May 2010
Nick Pickard

Hollyoaks actor Nick Pickard

ITV2 is launching a ''genuine living soap opera'' called 'Project Essex' which will follow the lives of a group of people who live in the well-known county

ITV2 is launching a "genuine living soap opera" called 'Project Essex'.

The channel has commissioned a 10-part drama series which will follow the lives of a cast of characters as they go about their daily business in the well-known county, in a new TV move which will be part documentary, part reality show and part soap opera.

'Project Essex' will be produced by Lime Pictures - who run 'Hollyoaks' - and will air later this year.

The production company's Creative Director Tony Wood said: "Essex is a perfect fit for Lime. The successful methods used in our factual shows will now be combined with the expertise behind 'Hollyoaks' to create a new and exciting genre - a genuine living soap opera.

"This hybrid genre between drama and reality is really exciting - it's all the fun of a soap opera only this time not even the producers know how the stories end."

The programme will not be scripted, and will film the cast's unedited reaction to situations which occur in their lives and their response to viewing themselves and loved-ones on the television.

There will be a corresponding website which is updated daily too, with the programmes being aired in real time.

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