Nina Nastasia - Outlaster (4 stars)

Nina Nastasia - Outlaster


Should you happen to have the severe misfortune of being stranded on a leaky boat in a most callous storm, the soundtrack in your head to accompany this horror will most likely be sung by Nina Nastasia. In this, her most lush offering to date, she blares out the pain, with ‘The Familiar Way’ a shanty tango of unbridled terror and ‘What’s Out There’ a frantic escape through the woods aboard a lame nag.

During her less manic moments, she offers up the sweeping melodies of an Aimee Mann while never forgetting she’s housed in the unsettling skin of a latter-day Mary Margaret O’Hara. Often beautiful, more often than not shiver-inducing, Outlaster unleashes ten songs from a 21st century siren.

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