Louise Welsh's new novel Naming the Bones and sensationalism

Louise Welsh's new novel Naming the Bones and sensationalism

She claims not to be especially appalled at the description of her as a sensationalist writer, and Louise Welsh has been making plenty waves anyway since her 2002 debut The Cutting Room. With her new one, Naming the Bones, she drags an academic out of his comfy university life in pursuit of a dead poet from the 1970s. Sensational is one word for it.

Waterstone’s, Glasgow, Thu 27 May.

Louise Welsh

The Scottish writer discusses the final novel in her Plague Times trilogy, No Dominion. Louise Welsh is the author of several novels including The Cutting Room, The Girl on the Stairs and Naming the Bones, as well as shorts stories and an opera based on the Robert Louis Stevenson's story The Bottle Imp for Scottish…

Beyond Noir: Zoe Strachan and Louise Welsh

Strachan and Welsh read from some of their acclaimed works (such as the former's Glaswegian laundrette drama 'Spin Cycle', and the latter's reimagining of the end of Christopher Marlowe's life, 'Tamburlaine Must Die'), and discuss their work and lives. 'Part of Word 10'.

University of Strathclyde Creative Writing Showcase

Three students from the University will read their work alongside novelist Louise Welsh poet David Kinloch. 'Part of Aye Write!'.

Canongate Irregular Night

Late-night session mixing spoken word with music from Edinburgh publishers Canongate. The line-up includes writers Louise Welsh and Dan Rhodes, rootsy blues band The Black Diamond Express and DJ Francis Bickmore. 'Part of Word 10'.

Women Writers Unite: The Journey

Authors Louise Welsh, Leela Soma, Joyce Ito and Sarah Ward share their work in an evening examining the themes of migration, asylum, and the struggle to live across two very different cultures, from a woman's perspective. Presented as part of Refugee Week, by Glasgow Women's Library, Amnesty International and Scottish…

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