Make Sparks and Three Blind Wolves among highlights of T in the Park’s T Break stage 2010

Make Sparks and Three Blind Wolves among highlights of T in the Park’s T Break stage 2010

Stanley Odd

The acts for this year’s T Break stage have been announced, and there’s quite a few names to get excited about. Glasgow guitar-pop purveyors Make Sparks have been garnering a lot of attention recently, not least from the authority on such subjects, the Glasgow PodcART: ‘Simply said, this Scottish three-piece produce passionately crafted guitar-pop perfection, and literally live and breathe what they do.’ Also catching The List’s eye are Scottish hip-hoppers Stanley Odd (who recently won a four-star album review from yours truly) and Three Blind Wolves, a band Jim Gelllately described as ‘leading lights from the nouveau folk scene’.

The full line-up, in alphabetical order, reads as follows: Be Like Pablo, French Wives, Fridge Magnets, Kitty The Lion, Kobi Onyame, Lightguides, Make Sparks, Mopp., Night Noise Team, Stanley Odd, The Draymin, The Ray Summers, The Seventeenth Century, Three Blind Wolves, and Washington Irving.

T Break itself has a fairly rich history – pick any Scottish band from the last decade who’ve ‘made it big’ and chances are, they’ve played at T. Not only is it a chance for the bands to get noticed – it also provides a massive boost for those bands to realise the company they keep. ‘We’re delighted that for the 15th year running Tennent’s can again give unsigned bands a platform at T in the Park alongside some of the best homegrown and international headliners in the world today,’ says George Kyle from Tennant’s.

Radio 1 Scotland’s Vic Galloway is similarly effusive: ‘T Break is now an essential part of T in the Park, and a brilliant showcase for emerging, under-the-radar bands to play a World-class festival in front of 85,000 people. These bands are superb, so make sure you get into that tent and check them out over the weekend!’

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