Will Schuester's Sylvester lap dance

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  • 19 May 2010
Glee actor Matthew Morrison

Glee actor Matthew Morrison

'Glee's Will Schuester will seduce coach Sue Sylvester with a lap dance in an upcoming episode, which will feature all funk songs - as Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch reveal the fun had on the show's set

'Glee's Will Schuester will "seduce" Sue Sylvester with a lap dance.

Matthew Morrison - who plays the hunky Spanish teacher - has revealed how he tries to "get freaky" with his arch enemy, cheerleading coach Sue (Jane Lynch) in an forthcoming episode.

He said: "In an upcoming episode called 'Funk' - it's all funk songs - I seduce Sue Sylvester a little bit. I get freaky."

Although her alter-ego won't be impressed with Will's moves, Jane - who is engaged to her long-term girlfriend Dr. Lara Embry - thought the raunchy dance scene was "wonderful".

She told E! News: "You're going to have to pause it a lot. It was so fun. Matthew is so wonderful. He just did what comes naturally. I mean, he just reeks it. He's just so sexy and so smooth."

Despite tensions between their alter-egos, Matthew and Jane are great friends in real life and struggle to contain their laughter when they film scenes together.

Matthew said: "Any time I'm working with Jane, the hardest task that I have as an actor is to try not to laugh. So I usually get all the laughs out in the rehearsals. She just slays me all the time."

As well as the comical lap dance, the next series of 'Glee' will also feature another episode dedicated to Queen of Pop Madonna, after the success of series one's 'The Power of Madonna' episode - which gained rave reviews and sent the accompanying LP of the same name to the top of the US album charts.

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