The Diana Years (3 stars)

Princess Diana, some flowers, and a child

Sky One, Sun 5 Aug, 9pm

As the tenth anniversary of Diana’s violent death roars into view, the memorial overload is being cranked up on TV and in the papers. Amid the raft of paperback biographies, we’ve even had a couple of novels which dramatise her death. But the public is more likely to have the stomach for this kind of documentary which paints a largely sympathetic view of Diana Spencer while not being afraid to glance at the clouds which hovered over her from the very first moment she stepped into the public glare.

This opening episode of three takes in her engagement and marriage to the Prince of Wales, the birth of their sons (on Harry’s arrival, Charles’ disgruntlement is clear, irritated to have another boy and, far worse it seems, one with ginger hair). As the opener closes, the spectre of Camilla floats into view and Diana is set to fling herself into Squidgygate.

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