Lucas Johnson's Enders breakdown

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  • 18 May 2010
EastEnders actor Don Gilet

EastEnders actor Don Gilet

'EastEnders' murderer Lucas Johnson will have a breakdown when his young son Jordan is put in a coma and hospitalised

'EastEnders' murderer Lucas Johnson will have a breakdown when his son is hospitalised.

The Christian criminal will be left distraught when his young son Jordan Johnson (Michael-Joel David Stuart) ends up in a coma following a fight with his school friend Ben Mitchell (Charlie Jones) and believes his child is unwell because God is punishing him for his crimes.

Actor Don Gilet, who plays the part, said: "Lucas is fragile. The guilt of what he's done has been building up for so long, and he really blames himself for what's happened to Jordan. He believes that it's God's way of punishing him for all his wrongdoing.

"When Lucas finds out it was Ben who harmed Jordan, he's obviously angry. After he talks to the lad, though, all he can think of are his own crimes. It's an awful mix of guilt and anger that takes hold of him."

However, the preacher - who accidentally killed his ex-wife Trina, Jordan's mother in a freak accident, then strangled his love rival Owen Turner with his bow tie - becomes complacent when his child begins to recover.

Don explained to Inside Soap magazine: "Once Jordan wakes up, Lucas is beginning to think that God has forgiven him. He's still trying to convince himself that he's a good person. Although he's happy that Jordan is going to be okay, Lucas soon realises that even God's forgiveness can't wash away all his guilt. He thinks that the only way to get through this is to pray to the Lord for absolution."

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