Hollyoaks plan 'brilliant' murder

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  • 18 May 2010
Hollyoaks actress Helen Russell Clark

Hollyoaks actress Helen Russell Clark

'Hollyoaks' will feature ''the most brilliant'' and ''clever'' murder next January, as producer Paul Marquess teases fans about upcoming plans for the Channel 4 soap

'Hollyoaks' producer Paul Marquess is working on "the most brilliant" murder storyline.

The Channel 4 soap's new boss - who has been dubbed the 'Axe Man' after cutting numerous characters from the programme - is making numerous changes to the long-running show and is thrilled to be working on a "clever" new plot which will see the demise of another village resident.

He said: "Next January, there's the most brilliant murder. It's just brilliant - it's so clever. It's not my idea, it was one of the writer's.

"We're not going to kill 15 characters in one go. There is going to be something later in the year. It's not what people expect."

Paul is also bringing back a number of old characters, including Alex Carter who will return as Lee Hunter as part of a Fresher's Week - the first week of a new university year - special which will also introduce a new group of students.

He told DigitalSpy: "Lee's been working as a Gareth Gates impersonator on a cruise ship and he won't just have light stories because Alex is great. He's one of our new students.

"The thing about our new students is the audience will recognise some of them. We're doing a proper Fresher's Week. Some of them will be eerily familiar."

Paul also revealed that Jem Costello (Helen Russell Clark) will be joined by a new family, as well as revealing plans for an exciting 'Sweet 16' birthday celebration for the show next year.

He said: "Sweet 16 is a much more 'Hollyoaks' sort of thing. And everybody's had an anniversary this year! Surely the audience are bored?"


1. Ms Chandler19 May 2010, 8:18am Report

"Brilliant" and "Clever"? ROFL. Last time he dubbed something that it was "nonsensical" and "unbelievable". Have the words Marquess and the first two adjectives ever been used in the same sentence by someone other than himself? It's not even his idea...it's some writers' idea. That explains it. I don't know why he seems surprised that it wasn't his idea.

I'm glad he's acknowledging that the audience is already bored. Bored with what's just come up, and just keeping the telly on for a bit longer to see if it can in fact get worse. Or maybe just to create some good background noise while vacuuming.

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