Steven Dick


Who’s he then? He’s one of those comedy magicians or, depending on your viewpoint, magician comedians. When he’s not making the Queen of Hearts mysteriously appear out of his mouth, he may be busy writing jokes for 8 out of 10 Cats and Mock the Week. And to paraphrase Bill Hicks, he is available for wedding parties (

In three words Cheeky, charming, chummy.

Where we saw him The Stand, Edinburgh on Monday 11 September where he hosted the Red Raw night.

Anyone else good that night? The new acts ranged from the shy and nervous to the ballsy and shameless while the anarchic blast from Allan Miller proved just why it is good to see him back in the comedy fray. Sarah Millican also charmed the gathering with her notebook in hand trying out fresh material and ticking off the jokes which worked and crossing out the ones that didn’t. There were more of the former, thankfully.

Where next can we see Dick do his thing? He will be hosting at The Stand, Edinburgh, 15 & 17 October and The Stand, Glasgow on 16 October.

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