Ratt - Infestation (4 stars)

Ratt - Infestation

Infestation (Roadrunner)

It’d be so easy to dismiss Ratt as 80s hair metal also rans. But if you actually take the time to listen to Infestation you’ll soon realise why Ratt are still making records, and damn great records at that. There’s no denying that it’s old fashioned and a little bit dated, but it’s satisfying to see a band stand by their convictions and stay true to their roots. There’s no irony, no smirking grin, just honest to goodness rock action: hard, fast guitars perfectly complimented by the a raw quality of Stephen Pearcy’s vocals. Surviving break ups, deaths, disputes and more Ratt are still ready to infest a new generation with their all out riffs explosion.

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