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The Optimo Barn Dance

Sandra Marron catches up with Twitch as Optimo decamps to the country for their very first barn dance

If you have been lucky enough to enjoy one of your favourite club nights’ boat parties over the summer, you will already know how good it feels to dance to your favourite tunes in the open air. Optimo may have exhausted their supply of boats but, worry ye not; a roll in the hay may be an option instead as Twitch and Wilkes invite you to their first barn dance, to be held at a secret location outside of Glasgow this fortnight.

The club is bussing several hundred people out of Glasgow for a marathon dancing session in a big cow shed that they are converting into a club for the duration. If that isn’t enough, on arrival, guests will even be treated to a barbecue before the hoedown begins.

According to resident Twitch, the idea to put on a barn dance came from a friend of the duo. ‘Our friend, who’s a farmer, said that every summer they put on proper barn dances in his barn and over the course of the evening they have bands playing, so we went round to have a look at it and just thought it would be perfect; the location is really beautiful. We used to do boat parties every summer but we ran out of boats. They wouldn’t allow us back basically.’

The boys are accustomed to playing all over the world at festivals and club nights but this event is completely self-organised and one that Twitch is really looking forward to.

‘It’s just like a totally different atmosphere, I think people have a completely different spirit and attitude when they are actually outside dancing. Even though it’s a barn, the walls are pretty open and I just think being able to see daylight and wander around outside – proper outside, in the country – I just think people get a lot more relaxed and a lot more friendly and everyone interacts in a completely different way.’

It may be taking place in a barn, but make no mistake, this is going to be an Optimo night through and through with a few little surprises thrown in. ‘I think there will be a few hoedown moments throughout the course of the night and we also have a bucking bronco and some other barn activities that may work,’ reveals Twitch.

The barn dance is just one of a long line of special events Optimo have planned this year, including their infamous Hallowe’en party, their tenth birthday party and a big Hogmanay party, which they are already planning. Fans will also be able to breath a sign of relief as The List can finally lay to rest the incessant rumours that Optimo intend to call it a day at ten. ‘When we first started we never ever ever imagined it would go this long. After it had gone about six years, we always said we would stop at ten.’

Why ten? ‘Ten seems like a good number. But for me the club is as good as ever and we are enjoying it a much as ever. So you can categorically say it is not going to stop on the tenth birthday.’ Yeeehaaa!