Marc Guggenheim & Brandon Braga - Iron Man vs Whiplash (3 stars)

Marc Guggenheim & Brandon Braga - Iron Man vs Whiplash

(Marvel UK)

While Iron Man 2 continues to rake in the cash at your local cinema, it seems the perfect time to dip into this new collection from Marvel and to launch a new Whiplash much more in line with the movie villain (not the old classic S&M-themed supervillain Mark Scarlotti who later became Blacklash: keep up at the back). After Iron Man seemingly wipes out his home town of Volstok in Russia, Anton Vanko crafts a suit, complete with devastating electrical whips, and sets out for retribution on our Armoured Avenger.

It’s a fairly generic story of revenge that ploughs on at a fair clip. The hi-tech confrontations are fun but motivations and character development are kept at a superficial level. It lacks the charm of the latest blockbuster (Robert Downey Jr was born to play Tony Stark/Iron Man) but certainly provides the necessary action.

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