Flutter Echo introduces music to children in Glasgow

Flutter Echo introduces music to children in Glasgow

Ordinarily, singing in the swimming pool, playing drums in a library or standing in a café and scratching out your first few notes on the fiddle would provoke frowns of disapproval, possibly even an ASBO. But on 22 May at Glasgow’s Platform, budding musicians can do all that – and more.

Flutter Echo is a day-long adventure in music for children and young people aged 0-17, and as organiser Alun Woodward explains, it’s all about getting involved. ‘We wanted to put together a children’s music event where the emphasis would be on participation, rather than being part of an audience,’ he says. ‘Where they can find out all about music in lots of different ways, in both a formal and informal manner.’

Taking advantage of all Platform has to offer, Flutter Echo will spread through the building, utilising the swimming pool, café, auditorium, library and several other smaller rooms. For tinies, there’s the Incredible Swimming Choir, primary aged children can enjoy a puppet show set to home-made instruments, while older kids can learn tricks of the trade about recording studios.

There’s also a chance for all ages to sample a range of instruments and see if anything floats their boat. ‘I like the idea that kids can become multi-instrumentalists in a short amount of time,’ says Woodward. ‘So they can try four instruments in 20 minutes and be able to play two chords on a mandolin or the first line of a song on a fiddle. I want kids to realise they’ve opened a door.’ If they do, Platform runs a number of music classes in drumming, fiddle, keyboard, guitar and more.

But while Flutter Echo is a great opportunity for the local community, Woodward is keen for those further afield to discover what Platform has to offer. ‘I’d love families from all over Glasgow and beyond to come and enjoy the day,’ he says. ‘And that’s part of the idea behind it, for people to see the centre and make use of it, because it’s a great facility.’

Platform, Glasgow, Sat 22 May

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