Soon I Will Be Invincible (4 stars)

Soon i will be invincible

Austin Grossman

While many comics tackle serious subjects from Hitler’s Germany (Art Spiegelman’s Maus) to disability (Pete Milligan’s Skin), few serious novels have taken their inspiration from the world of comics. Austin Grossman obviously has a fantastic grasp on the world of the superpowered and through prose examines the minutiae of their lives: just when do you decide to become a super-villain? What are the practicalities of lycra? And what do super-teams talk about in the kitchen?

By approaching everything with a straight face, Grossman ups the absurdity of the realities involved in living with superpowers. A tale of obsession and loneliness written from two points of view (villain Dr Impossible and cyborg superhero Fatale), it’s bolstered by several full-colour pages of art from Bryan Hitch. Don’t let the capes and tights put you off, this is intelligent, funny and fast-paced with echoes of Douglas Coupland or Chuck Palahniuk at their most playful.

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