Five new books to help you bone up on history

Five new books to help you bone up on history

Richard Aldrich - GCHQ
This bastion of secrecy has its doors flung open for an unvetted account from its origins in wartime code ops to more recent controversies surrounding surveillance and ID cards.

Norman Stone - The Atlantic and Its Enemies
Subtitled ‘A Personal History of the Cold War’, this offers an opinionated and entertaining analysis of how the US, UK and its allies faced up to the ‘threat’ of communism.
Allen Lane

Nigel Hamilton - American Caesars
Modeled on Suetonius’ Twelve Caesars, this is a group biog of the dozen presidents who have shaped US and world policy since 1945.
Bodley Head

William Rosen - The Most Powerful Idea in the World
‘A Story of Steam, Industry and Invention’ kicks off on 25 July, 1698, the day a rather special patent was granted.
Jonathan Cape

Max Arthur - Last of the Few

Subtitled ‘Final Words from the Battle of Britain Pilots’, this is an oral record of those souls who took to the skies 70 years ago.
Virgin Books

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