Ewan Morrison and Mall Tales want your shopping centre stories

Ewan Morrison and Mall Tales want your shopping centre stories

The highs, lows, and occasional misfortunes of the everyday take centre stage this fortnight as part of a unique new storytelling initiative concerning the world of shopping malls. Inspired by author Ewan Morrison, in conjunction with award-winning digital gurus, Blackwatch Media, the List are on the hunt for your stories.

Morrison’s interest in malls began when he started work on his latest fiction novel. ‘I was interviewing people who shopped, worked there, developers, all sorts. I quickly realised the amazing real-life stories people had to share.’ Morrison is now planning an extended non-fiction e-book Tales from the Mall, as part of his findings, with some of the more interesting stories being made into animations by top animators.

As part of the project members of the public are encouraged to send in their own tales, with the top five stories being turned into animations, and the top twenty-five stories included in the enhanced e-book of Tales from the Mall. The best five will also receive free copies of Morrison’s novels, as well as a chance to be seen in print on these very List pages.

‘Your stories could be just a paragraph or a page, or something longer,’ explains Morrisons. ‘You may have heard the one about the man who was accidentally locked inside John Lewis for a night and slept in the bedding section or the one about the teenager who caught her mum buying lingerie with her lover in Victoria’s Secret.

‘Whatever your story, we want to hear it.’

Send your stories to malltales@yahoo.com

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