Five great female tribute acts

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  • 14 May 2010
Five great female tribute acts

Judith Priest
With tribute acts it’s all in the name. And these girl-fronted sound-a-likes to Judas Priest have hit pay dirt.

There are not one but two AC/Dshes doing the rounds (from Melbourne, Australia and California, USA) both bowing down in worship to Bon Scott-era AC/DC classics.

Lez Zeppelin
They live by their motto ‘all girls, all Zeppelin’. Though we’re not sure they could beat Scottish tribute Ned Zeppelin.

Iron Maidens
Kirsten Rosenberg (as Bruce Chickinson) can easily match Bruce Dickinson’s falsetto. They count the real Iron Maiden among their fans.

Devil horns at the ready: that’s right it’s the all metal, all female Metallica and they’re coming to Scotland: O2 ABC, Glasgow, Mon 24 May.

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