Edinburgh Skate Park opens

Half Pipe Heaven

It’s mean, it’s green, and it’s obscenely fun – Edinburgh Skate Park is now open for business. Sam Patterson, a long-time skateboarder himself, has been present at all stages of the park’s development.

‘The council realised there was significant demand for a city skate park about nine years ago,’ he says. ‘At that time, our proposal was to be the first major city in Scotland to have an outdoor skate park – of course, now we’re the last, but it’s been worth the wait.’

Edinburgh’s skaters agree with him on that point – at its unofficial opening on Sat 24 April there were around 300 people using the park at one point, and even midweek numbers tend to be in the 50s. ‘We’ve had skaters coming from quite far around, telling us this is one of the best concrete parks in the UK. Hopefully that’ll inspire smaller councils nearby to invest in their own skate parks – younger skaters now, who have access to these facilities, are just incredible.’ Let the good times roll.