Bright fashion futures at ECA Fashion Show 2010

Bright fashion futures at ECA Fashion Show 2010

Another year, another varied, intelligent and beautiful set of designs from eca’s fashion students, finds Claire Sawers...

Vogue have talked in the past about the ‘Scottish contingent’ in fashion. Designers like Jonathan Saunders, Jamie Bruski Tetsill and Scott Ramsay Kyle (all GSA textiles graduates) and Holly Fulton, Graeme Black and Chloe Patience (all ECA alumni) have earned Scotland its place on the fashion map. We’ve got plenty more where they came from too, as this month’s ECA Fashion Show proved again.

This year’s student showcase featured an impressively broad range of talent, including stiff, geometric pastel angles from Eliza Borkowska; luxurious cashmere spins on grunge shapes from Louise Holsgrove and costumes inspired by The Borrowers from Mhairi Graham.

A lot of attention was also paid to Charlotte Helyar’s collection, designed to be seen through 3D glasses, dished out on the door. Despite the fun factor of her ‘rose-tinted’ glasses, Helyar’s designs are way more than just a good gimmick. Digitally manipulated patterns, and hand screen-printed grids of 80s prisms and spirals, gave a retro-futuristic feel to her very covetable textiles.

‘I drew a lot of inspiration from past visions of the future,’ she explains. ‘Like all those 60s films about cars that one day might even reach speeds of 50mph! I think we’ve returned to that need for escapism, and I wanted to tie that in somehow with the current trend for 3D images.’

She designed much of her collection from behind a pair of 3D glasses. ‘It was weird, that’s when you start seeing certain lines receding; others things popping out, and adding depth.’ Helyar, who trained last year with Chloe Patience and Mhairi McNicol of Bebaroque, as well as Holly Fulton, reckons the college is doing a good job of growing its grassroots talent. ‘There’s real encouragement for collaborations, and plenty opportunities to learn from former students. That’s really helped to inspire me.’

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