Polaroid relaunched 300 Instant model

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  • 14 May 2010
Polaroid relaunched 300 Instant model

After a long hiatus, the instant-gratification camera is back. Polaroid has launched its 300 Instant model, which takes credit-card-sized photos. Personally, we still can’t get past the misty beauty of the originals, which can still be picked up cheap on eBay, or (more expensively) at the Fruitmarket Gallery (Market Street, Edinburgh, 0131 225 2383), where they sell refurbished models (£150) and guaranteed still-working original film (£25) from The Impossible Project. Read more at www.the-impossible-project.com.

This month sees the launch of UNIQLO’s range of limited edition t-shirts, as part of a collaboration with Domino Records. Show love for Four Tet, Junior Boys, Bonnie Prince Billy or the label itself, for an altogether reasonable price of £12.99. We’re still waiting on them to open a Scottish branch of UNIQLO, but until then you can see the designs at www.dominorecordco.com/uniqlo or buy them from www.uniqlo.com.

Basically, you would just like someone to tell you – do you look hot? Yes or no? Or would your outfit be best accessorised with a paper bag over the face? A new ‘wardrobe feedback’ site lets you upload a photo of yourself posing in your ensemble, then wait for comments from other users. It’s mostly Americans though, so they probably won’t get the joke if you ask ‘Does my bum look big in this?’ www.gotryiton.com

Instead of being added to the rubbish pile, coloured street banners from Seoul, South Korea, have been recycled into tote bags. The bright, one-of-a-kind bags, featuring snatches of Korean typography, are available from the artist and gallery-supporting LA-based design firm, Poketo. See www.poketo.com for more info.

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