Viv Hope shocked by affair

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  • 12 May 2010
Emmerdale actress Deena Payne

Emmerdale actress Deena Payne

'Emmerdale's Viv Hope will discover her husband Bob Hope's one night stand with Gennie Walker in a dramatic new storyline on the rural soap

'Emmerdale's Viv Hope discovers her husband Bob Hope cheated on her with Gennie Walker in a dramatic new storyline.

The long-running character - played by Deena Payne - learns the shocking news when Gennie (Sian Reese-Williams) prepares to leave the Dales for Cornwall with her boyfriend Jamie Hope (Alex Carter).

As Gennie and Bob have a last minute heart-to-heart, Jamie gets upset as he recalls the fling between his father and lover.

Sian told Inside Soap magazine: "The problem is not so much that he doesn't believe them when they say it's over - it's the fact that he just can't get the idea of his dad and Gennie together out of his head. Jamie realises that's not going to go away.

"By the time Viv walks in and finds the little group of them, there's a definite atmosphere. She picks upon that, and eventually puts two and two together.

"Viv and Bob have a blazing row in the middle of the pub, in front of everyone. But Gennie's far more concerned with Jamie at this point, so she ignores Viv."

However, Viv manages to persuade Jamie his girlfriend's one night stand with his dad will hinder their romance forever and he decides to leave Gennie behind to move away on his own.

Sian says: "In the end he decides he's got to go without her. It's really awful.

"Gennie feels awful for Viv and Bob, and upset for herself as well. She loves Jamie so much - they were right for each other in every possible way, so this is such a sad end for them."

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