Holy Fuck on 2010 UK tour

Holy Fuck on 2010 UK tour

Showing off the fact that they’re now a solid four-piece as opposed to a revolving door ensemble of musicians, the potty-mouthed Canadians are hitting Glasgow to promote their second album, Latin. Having a good foundation of drums and bass to build upon, Brian Borcherdt and Graham Walsh are free to go mental with electro effects and feedback. With a reputation for a fearsome live presence, seeing them perform helps to understand that band name: where stunned audience members whisper, then shout, ‘Holy Fuck!’

King Tut’s, Glasgow, Wed 19 May

Holy Fuck and Buck 65

Abrasive electro rockers from Toronto, described as "like The Fall reworking their brains with screwdrivers".

Holy Fuck, Max Tundra, Dogshow, SBTRKT

Chaotic electropop and Casio-driven rock from the Canadian four-piece.


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