The Bacon Brothers - New Year’s Day (1 star)

The Bacon Brothers - New Year’s Day


To those who say there’s not way too much recorded music in the world, please cop a feel of this. Featuring anaemic white reggae, crushingly vapid soul and decrepit grandad rock, there’s barely a track on Michael and Kevin Bacon’s fourth (yes, fourth) studio album that doesn’t leave you feeling bored, dispirited or furious. Because they played music together as kids and have been taking it ‘seriously’ since 1995, we’re not meant to view this as a vanity project. Whatever you choose to call New Year’s Day, the only reason you won’t be chucking it across your room is that you’re likely to have fallen into a deep, deep slumber by track four.


1. Rickie13 May 2010, 6:17pm Report

Wow! Not sure you were listening to The Bacon Brother's Band with this review. I LOVE the Bacon Brother's music! They have songs that touch your heart "Baby Steps", "Children" "Don't Lose Me Boy", songs that make you think "Unhappy Birthday", songs that you relate to "Angelina" & "Grace" , songs that make you laugh "Playboy" "I'm So Glad I'm Not Married", songs that make you laugh & cry "Only a Good Woman" and songs that make you dance "Peace Dance", "New Years Day". Maybe you need to listen again! I so enjoy the Bacon Brothers. Brothers keep doing what your doing!

2. Mo Locke13 May 2010, 6:19pm Report

I couldn't disagree with the above review more. I don't know what type of music you listen to but it must be awful if you can't see the talent and pure fun in The Bacon Brothers, New Year's Day. It is the best CD they've put out to date and it displays a variety of sounds, moods, textures and rythyms that would please just about anyone, excluding you, of course. If you're asleep by track four then you probably don't have a very big attention span to begin with and that's through no fault of the music.

While I respect your right to your opinion, I can't stand by and read a review that is very misleading to anyone else that may want to take a listen for themselves and decide on their own what they think.

Please don't take the above review to heart. Most people I have come across while The Bacon Brothers have been putting out music really like what they hear. I never understood those that don't but they are very few and far between. So, please decide for yourselves before listening to someone who obviously has no taste.

3. Mo Locke13 May 2010, 6:30pm5 stars The Bacon Brothers - New Year’s Day Report

THE BEST Bacon Brothers CD to date! This collection of songs has something for everyone, from the Celtic sounds of Architeulthis to the Reggae sounds of Bunch of Words, New Years Day has it covered!

You will rock out to Wild Life, Eye of the Storm and the title track, New Year's Day. The song Tell Me What I Have to Do will have you tapping you feet and singing along with the chorus in no time. Go My Way is simply put, groovin', while Bitter Man has one of the best guitar solos on the album, wish it was longer.

As a whole this cd is a must have for your collection. Backed by some of the most talented musicians, Ira Siegel (guitar), Paul Guzzone (bass & guitar), Frank Vilardi (Drums), and Joe Mennona/Charlie Giordano (keys), The Bacon Brothers New Year's Day showcases all this talent and more. Don't waste another minute and listen for yourself.

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