Faust - Faust Is Last (4 stars)

Faust - Faust Is Last


This first, and possibly last, studio album in a decade by Germany’s agit-hippy Kosmische collective is not the same version of Faust currently on tour led by Jean-Herve Peron and Werner ‘Zappi’ Diermaier. This is third founder member Hans Joachim Irmler’s incarnation. Not that there’s much to distinguish between the two promiscuously co-existing combos. Like a multi-headed hydra, this sprawling 22-track double CD set squares the circle begun with Faust’s 1971 debut, a similarly oppositional stew of motorik metal and strung-out scratch-dub mantras overloaded with insistent mood-swings that can turn from ambient sweetness to pounding industrialism mid-bar. Only the concrete mixers are missing.

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