Bear in Heaven (4 stars)

Bear in Heaven

Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh, Sat 24 April 2010

Brooklyn four-piece Bear in Heaven have reinvented psychedelic rock. As equally indebted to 70s American stoner rock and as they are to the rhythmic stabbing synths of early New Order or exploratory jams of Can, their synths and drums-led shoegaze is actually capable of making you forget where you are.

Playing live as a three-piece, to a Saturday night Sneaky Pete’s packed with a mix of the converted and the soon-to-be-very-converted, they sound absolutely fantastic, creating a thick, warm and mesmerising wall of noise, and play their recent second album Beast Rest Forth Mouth in its entirety.

Where critics’ darlings Grizzly Bear and Fleet Foxes opt for a pretty derivative take on the close harmonies of CSN&Y and the 70s Laurel Canyon crowd, Bear In Heaven start from America’s West Coast, then drive into the desert. Like an non-European M83, minus the fascination with John Hughes’ brand of Americana, but with heightened striving for the transcendental, this is music to get completely lost in.

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