Jo Caulfield

The Stand, Edinburgh, Tue 10 Oct; the Stand, Glasgow, Wed 11 Oct


A few days after Jo Caulfield leaves Scotland to carry on with her nationwide tour, the Grumpy Old Women will be dropping by these parts for a good old whinge. If any of that trio falls ill, they could do worse than giving Ms Caulfield a bell and asking her to fill in. And she wouldn’t need to bother with a script as she has bugbears oozing from every pore. Top Shop: ‘why is there a DJ? It’s not a disco.’ Kate Thornton: ‘she must be paid a fortune on the X Factor just to say “and here’s another singing taxi driver”.’ Nuns: ‘they’re always going to hurt children because they’ve got nothing to look forward to; apart from a bit more facial hair.’

Not that this venom is entirely one-sided. She may well ask the audience to write down some of their own irritations, the crowd member and stand-up comic then going on to riff on the subject. But should proceedings ever dip into the serious and worthy, fear not; it won’t last long. ‘I once tried to be more serious and told audiences how I was outraged by feminism going backwards with women like Rebecca Loos and Abi Titmuss. But the audience just said “we can see you’re annoyed, but can you back to doing the funny stuff now?” I was just like a toddler stamping her foot and the audience were humouring me: “OK, dear, we’ll let you do your song now”. I can’t be the Mark Thomas of feminism.’

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