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  • 10 May 2010
Ant and Dec

Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly

'Britain's Got Talent' host Anthony McPartlin is delighted to have beaten James Boyd, aka Ferrero Rocher Man at an After Eight-eating contestant

Anthony McPartlin is thrilled to have triumphed over James Boyd, aka Ferrero Rocher Man.

The TV host - who is joined by his presenting partner Declan Donnelly on 'Britain's Got Talent' - was delighted to eat more After Eight chocolates than the dismal contestant and reach the same score as the 'After Eight No Hands Challenge' world record holder.

Discussing the returning contestant, who appeared on Saturday night (08.05.10)'s audition show, Ant and Dec wrote in their blog on "Now, hands up who wasn't pleased to see the return of an old friend, a familiar face who we've had fun with in the past, James Boyd aka the Ferrero Rocher man? No hands gone up? Thought so! He turned up to attempt another World Record, the 'After Eight No Hands Challenge'. Unfortunately he failed again; dismally. And yet again Ant triumphed over him - not only beating his paltry five but equalling the world record of eight (held by some bloke in America, fact fans). (sic)"

James appeared on the show last year, where he gained his 'Ferrero Rocher Man' nickname for his terrible attempt at eating the highest number of the calorific treats in one minute but failed appallingly.

Ant is delighted to have beat James' attempt once again, and has thanked fans for improving his skill by sending in chocolate treats for him.

The pair wrote: "Ant would like to particularly thank everyone who sent in the chocolate challenges as this is probably where he got in all the essential practice in to do so well at the side of the stage. Thanks to all the Chocolate Challenges Ant is now a Record Breaker - well, ok, a Record 'Equaller' (not quite a breaker.yet). (sic)"

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