Dianna Agron giggles at Glee

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  • 7 May 2010
Dianna Agron at the TV Land Awards on Saturday (17.04.10)

Dianna Agron

'Glee' actress Dianna Agron has revealed she struggles to control herself when filming scenes with her comedic co-star Jane Lynch

Dianna Agron struggles to control herself when filming with her 'Glee' co-star Jane Lynch.

The 23-year-old actress - who plays pregnant schoolgirl Quinn Fabray in the musical teen drama series - admitted there were often lots of scenes when she would struggle to keep a straight face because of her co-star's witty one-liners.

She said: "I pinch myself, I poke my cuticles... I poke my tongue - all these things. You have to come up with creative ways, especially because you read lines in your head and you're already laughing."

Dianna feels "so lucky" to get the chance to act alongside the actress, who plays the tyrannical gym teacher Sue Sylvester.

She said: "She's somebody who I have admired for so long. She's incredible. I'm so lucky. "

The blonde beauty is just as appreciative of her alter-ego's style, which is conveniently very similar to her own.

She added: "She comes from a conservative family, but starts the show in a cheerleading outfit, which isn't very conservative - it's a bit flashy. But then she joins the Glee club, wears vintage dresses and is the good religious girl.

"So that's kind of her style, and it's funny because I love vintage clothing. A lot of the time I would come to ser and people wouldn't know if I was in wardrobe or wearing my own clothes!"

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