Sophie Webster's hospital love declaration

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  • 7 May 2010
Sophie Webster

Sophie Webster

'Coronation Street' character Sophie Webster will declare her love for her school friend Sian Powers as the youngster fights for her life in hospital

Sophie Webster will declare her love for her pal Sian Powers as she fights for her life.

The 'Coronation Street' schoolgirl - played by 17-year-old actress Brooke Vincent - will admit her true feelings for her friend (Sacha Parkinson) after the blonde teenager collapses on the cobbled streets with severe stomach ache after a school ball.

Panic-stricken Sophie stays by her friend's side as she is rushed into hospital and from her bedside kisses her on the lips and whispers: "I love you Sian. Please don't die."

Sophie's true feelings emerge shortly after the girls leave their party, when the blonde beauty is rushed in for an emergency operation on a badly ruptured appendix.

According to the Daily Star newspaper, doctors leave Sophie devastated further when they warn her that her friend - who is drifting in and out of consciousness - might not survive surgery.

After learning the news, the pretty teenager leans over her pal and plants a gentle smooch on her lips before admitting she loves her.

The touching scene is due to be aired in July after the schoolgirls grow closer and closer in upcoming months before embarking on a lesbian romance.

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