Nathan Wylde's 'corrupt' future

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 6 May 2010
Emmerdale actor Lyndon Ogbourne

Emmerdale actor Lyndon Ogbourne

'Emmerdale' actor Lyndon Ogbourne has revealed his alter-ego Nathan Wylde is set to do many ''corrupt and terrible'' things in the ITV1 soap

Nathan Wylde is set to do many "corrupt and terrible things" in 'Emmerdale'.

Lyndon Ogbourne - who plays the troublesome farmer - isn't disappointed his alter-ego wasn't the one to kill off his screen father Mark Wylde (Maxwell Caulfield) because he has plenty "horrific" scenes of his own coming up.

He said: "There are many more corrupt and terrible things Nathan's going to do, so I think I'll get my fill of horrific moments. He may be due to do something worse than murder - if that's possible."

Lyndon is not the only one thrilled about playing such a nasty part. Both his mother and girlfriend aren't fans of his character and think it's great when his alter-ego gets his comeuppance and is "whacked" on screen.

He added: "My girlfriend enjoys the soaps and loves glimpsing that other side of me - I'm nothing like Nathan, thankfully, so it's funny for her to see me being so horrible. My mum reckons he's a nasty piece of work, so every time he gets whacked, she thinks he thoroughly deserves it."

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