Joey Beltram guests at Compakt

Joey Beltram guests at Compakt

Joey Beltram

One of the pioneers of techno and inventor of the ‘hoover sound’.

Hoover sound?!
That’s right, the hoover sound, a staple of techno since 1991 and Beltram’s seminal ‘Mentasm’ on R&S Records. Created using waveform oscillations, pulse width modulation and a thick chorus effect. And yes, it does sound a bit like a sci-fi vacuum cleaner.

Ok. Now we’ve got that cleared up, lets go back to the start, who’s this Beltram chap then?
While techno was born in Detroit, there were a handful of New York DJs who also helped shape the genre. Growing up DJing hip hop in Queens, he started drifting towards electro and early house, but was perhaps more in tune with the emerging Belgium techno scene. Harder and faster than its Detroit counterparts, Beltram headed to Europe with ‘Energy Flash’ in 1990.

Now that’s a tune and a half
Too right my friend, an absolute classic. Muzik magazine even went on to name it as their ‘Track of the Decade’ and not surprising when you consider its swampy electronic brilliance. A track that still sounds as fresh today, despite being 20 years old.

What’s he been up to since?
He’s released a slew of killer tunes including the aforementioned ‘Mentasm’, the insistent ‘Forklift’ (check the Luke Slater remix for teeth grinding techno perfection), the ferocious stomp of ‘Ball Park’ and the dark beats of ‘Scorpion’ on pretty much every major techno label in the world such as Tresor, Transmat, Harthouse, Drumcode, Warp, Novamute, Trax and his own STX Records.

Ok, I’m officially excited: when, where and what?
He guests at Edinburgh’s Compakt for a rare Scottish DJ date and is sure to prove that he’s still at the cutting edge of hard, uncompromising electronica.

Joey Beltram guests at Compakt, Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Fri 21 May


Techno night.


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