Random Dance: Entity

Random Dance: Entity

A good costume can do wonders for a performance, but sometimes in the dance world, less can most definitely be more. Very little material was sacrificed for Wayne McGregor’s 2008 work, Entity, with the dancers clad in something akin to underpants and bikinis. Inspired by recent developments in neuroscience, the piece is a fast-paced exploration of how the body moves – and to appreciate that, you’ve got to see it happen.

‘I think Entity would be a very different piece if the audience couldn’t see our bodies working hard,’ says dancer Antoine Vereecken. ‘The movement is quite extreme and you can really see the physicality of the piece, and all the muscles moving. It’s quite a beautiful thing to watch, because in dance you don’t often get that – yes, you look at the dancer’s body, but you don’t look at it in an anatomical way. So the science part is very present.’

Vereecken has been with Random Dance Company since 2004, and along with the rest of the dancers, has absorbed McGregor’s long-running interest in all things scientific. ‘Wayne is the most inspiring person I’ve ever worked with,’ he says. ‘Because he’s so curious and he shares all that curiosity with us. Often with other choreographers it’s just about the steps, you have copy and learn them. But Wayne brings a whole different level. The physicality is very important, but what lies behind it is just as important, and that makes it fascinating from a dancers point of view.’

Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Tue 18 & Wed 19 May

Random Dance: Entity

Random Dance complements the physical form with lights, technology and film against a soundscape by Jon Hopkins and Joby Talbot.

Wayne McGregor-Random Dance: Entity

A diptych of new works augmented with music by Jon Hopkins and Joby Talbot.

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