Angry Corrie star Tracy Barlow

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  • 5 May 2010
Kate Ford

Coronation Street actress Kate Ford

Actress Kate Ford has revealed her vicious murderess alter-ego Tracy Barlow will be ''angrier than ever'' when she leaves prison and returns to 'Coronation Street'

Tracy Barlow will be "angrier than ever" when she returns to 'Coronation Street'.

Actress Kate Ford has revealed her vicious murderess alter-ego will be nastier than ever when she heads back to Weatherfield following her stint in prison following the killing of her ex-boyfriend Charlie Stubbs.

She said: "If anything, she's got worse. She's been dwelling on things and is angrier than ever. Tracy thinks she doesn't have the life she deserves and it enrages her."

The 32-year-old actress is convinced her mum-of-one character's angry persona is due to unhappiness and the inability to love anyone other than herself.

She explained to Radio Times magazine: "If she was happy - if she loved someone or had any friends - she'd be a different person. But she'll never have that. Tracy's stuck in a terrible trap of her own making."

Tracy is about to outrage residents on the street when she returns for the funeral of her screen grandmother Blanche Hunt (Maggie Jones) later this week.

Since Kate first appeared on the ITV1 soap as Tracy in 2002, she has scooped two 'Best Bitch' honours at the British Soap Awards for her work on the show.

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