Graffimenco combines live graffiti with flamenco

Graffimenco combines live graffiti with flamenco

Like graffiti art? Course you do. Like flamenco dancing? Absolutely. Well, haven’t you been longing for somebody to put them together into one riotous burst of graffiti-splattered, passionate Spanish dance-art?

No, we’re not entirely sure what the thinking behind Graffimenco, a series of flamenco dance workshops accompanied by live graffiti art by artist El Niño de las Pinturas (the child of the paintings) was either, but we’re kind of intrigued as to how these two equally colourful but utterly different art forms will mix over a weekend. Ole!

Dovecot, Edinburgh,Fri 21 & Sat 22 May. Search for ‘Graffimenco’ on Facebook for further, updated information.


Live graffiti art by El Niño de las pinturas accompanied by Spanish Flamenco.

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