Idiots of Ants embark on 2010 UK tour

Idiots of Ants embark on 2010 UK tour

Of the new clutch of British sketch gangs, the Idiots of Ants are the cream of that particular crop with critical acclaim, audience adoration and an if.comedy nomination from last year to their name. And being a bunch of young turks who met at Birmingham Uni, new technologies play a hefty part in their comedy world with skewed sketches about Wii, Facebook and how the internet really works. The last one is called ‘how the internet really works.’ Which you can find on the internet.

The Stand, Glasgow, Mon 24 May; The Stand, Edinburgh, Tue 25 May.

Idiots of Ants

After growing from an internet phenomenon, Idiots of Ants are now one of the most in-demand sketch troupes in the country, with smart skits aplenty.

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