LCD Soundsystem (5 stars)

LCD Soundsystem

Barrowland, Glasgow, Wed 24 Apr

Much has been made of James Murphy’s love for the Barrowland, so it stands to reason that any show here by Williamsburg, Brooklyn’s most astute musical export should be nothing short of incendiary, right? Handy then that LCD Soundsystem brought the heavy artillery tonight.

More muscular and frenzied than on record, the LCD seven-piece live line up avoids the ‘live dance music’ cul-de-sac in favour of a looser, more dynamic sound.

Their bedrock – even for new material from imminent third album This is Happening – remains a join-the-dots mélange of electronic magic – unequal parts New Order, Talking Heads, Gorgio Moroder, Carl Craig and late-era Can – while Murphy regales us with a stack of pithy lyrical tenets that gleefully pull the rug from underneath pop culture snobs everwhere. Throbbing tirade ‘Losing My Edge’ or hypnotic funk tone poem ‘Yeah’ might be almost a decade old but they still feel as fresh as those limited editon Air Force Ones you just purchased from eBay, and stand proudly alongside smoochable newies like the anthemic ‘Drunk Girls’ and the ungodly rumble of ‘Pow Pow’. Wow.

LCD Soundsystem

Hyper-hip New York producer James Murphy, playing indie/dance crossover tracks from fourth album American Dream and back catalogue.

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