Amanda Seyfried scared of sex

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  • 2 May 2010
Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried feels frustrated that she used to be scared of sex and think it was ''dirty and disgusting'' when she was growing up

Amanda Seyfried used to think sex was "dirty and disgusting".

The 24-year-old actress - who plays a manipulative temptress in 'Chloe', where she shares a number of lesbian sex scenes alongside actress Julianne Moore - claims she used to be terrified of any kind of intimacy because of the "narrow-minded" town she grew up in.

She told The Sunday Telegraph's Stella magazine: "We have to be open-minded. I'm not saying American's are narrow-minded - I've lived in New York and Los Angeles - but where I grew up in Allentown, Pennsylvania. there was a small-town mindset that made me feel that sex was wrong.

"When my sister lost her virginity, I thought that was dirty and disgusting, and I was scared of sex. I remember I had a fight with my friend when I touched a boy for the first time and I didn't tell her. She got mad with me, not because I didn't tell her, but because I'd done it in the first place. "

Amanda - who is currently dating the British actor Dominic Cooper - admits moving away from her home town meant her views on sex changed.

She said: "Intimacy is a wonderful thing. It's frustrating that growing up I thought I was wrong. It isn't. Exploring your sexuality is important when you're growing up."

The 'Dear John' star also revealed that she still has insecurities about her relationships, as she sometimes struggles being apart from Dominic, 31.

She said: "Actors are separated all the time. it almost feels like things are on hold, but we send little messages during the day. My friend was talking to me last night about being apart and he was like, 'You're not worried?' And I thought, 'What's to be worried about?' It's fine, I guess it really is."

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