Forgetful friend Pixie Lott

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  • 2 May 2010
Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott struggles to keep in contact with her famous friends because she often loses her phone containing their personal information

Pixie Lott always loses her phone.

The 'Boys and Girls' singer admits she struggles to keep in touch with her celebrity friends because she constantly misplaces her belongings, which contain their contact details.

She said: "I lose my phone all the time, so I haven't built up my phone book as much as I could have! At the moment, I have Frankie Sandford's, Marvin Humes from JLS', Tinchy Stryder's and Ke$ha's.

They're all good friends of mine."

Despite her forgetfulness, Pixie insists she is a good friend and recently treated several of her pals to a holiday to thank them for their support.

She added: "I took a couple of my best friends skiing in France in March for a week. I haven't

been that extravagant with money, but that's the most I've ever spent!"

However, the teenage star is unlikely to win over any new pals with her culinary skills.

She admitted: "I don't really cook, but I do heat up tomato soup very well! That's my speciality."

Pixie Lott

Teen pop star with a big voice but few distinguishing musical features.

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