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  • 1 May 2010


Usher has revealed his new album 'Raymond Vs Raymond' deals with the breakdown of his marriage to Tameka Foster-Raymond

Usher's music gives an insight into his private life.

The singer - whose divorce from ex-wife Tameka Foster-Raymond was finalised last November - has revealed his new album 'Raymond Vs Raymond' deals with the breakdown of his marriage as he wants to "set the record straight".

He told The Guardian newspaper: "I was still married when the record was written. The last thing you want to do in a marriage is give up, but when you've tried everything you can, then the best thing to do is realistically have a conversation about letting go.

"I don't have a private life, that's the catch. What R&B music is, and what it always has been, is taking an emotional experience and singing it passionately. If people wondered if there were certain truths in certain things, my music basically sets the record straight."

The pop star - who has two sons, 23-month-old Usher Raymond V and nine-month-old Naviyd Ely, with Tameka - claims he is honest in his music because that's what fans want.

He said: "They want your soul... they want to know how you really feel. I have a responsibility both ways - to be an incredible man, but also to be very artistic and open. There are certain things on this album, about infidelity or whatever it may be, that are very difficult. But it's about growing in every aspect of the journey through life."

Despite the difficult times he's experienced, the 31-year-old star looks back fondly on his marriage.

He said: "I just think back to how I felt when I found my wife. It was one of the most sincere moments in my life, and I'll never diminish that. I was very happy to have had that experience with her, and to have two beautiful boys, who we raise together. But it just didn't work out for us."


The R&B smoothie and hip hop artist tours in support of his eighth studio album UR.

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