Ballot proof - the people putting the fun into election night

Ballot proof - the people putting the fun into election night

We find the people putting the fun into election night

It’s no Obama showdown, we grant you, but by Blighty’s efforts, vote night is hotting up. Just when we thought Gordy was a goner, and ‘im in the blue corner was in, Nick’s not looking quite so knacked, after a ‘winning’ performance on the live debates.

But lest we forget it is we who will help choose our next leader, and there’s a handful of Glasgow’s finest establishments preparing to make fight night just a little more fun.

First up Glasgow Film Theatre is currently host to the installation Vending Machine, the inspired creation of Glasgow artist Ellie Harrison (featured in our Afforable Art special), which spurts out free crisps when search terms relating to the recession and the economy, such as ‘bankruptcy’, ‘slump’ and ‘decline’ make the headlines on the BBC News RSS feed. Check it out until Wed 16 Jun. Also in Glasgow, Dining Room restaurant is having an election lunch with a delightfully stress-free champagne tasting led by expert Craig Smith, and run in assocation with Laurent Perrier. Make a reservation on 0141 332 6678. Across town, deli, café, gallery space and all-round excellent hangout Cookie will host an Election Night Special, complete with big screen and punditry from Scottish political commentator Gerry Hassan.

In Edinburgh, the Traverse Theatre present Gordon Brown: A Life in Theatre. Devised by Dominic Hill and David Greig, the piece finds Brown the night before the election unable to sleep. Election results will also be shown throughout the night in the Traverse bar.

Election Night Special and Morning After Discussion

While the fate of the country is decided, commentator Gerry Hassan hosts a quiz while live coverage plays on the big screen. Followed by a post-mortem the next morning.

Gordon Brown: A Life in the Theatre

Dominic Hill and David Greig lead a plethora of Scottish playwrights through staged readings exploring contemporary politics and the current PM on the day of the General Election while election results are shown throughout and screened after in the Traverse Bar Café.

Tina C's Election Playlist

Character comedy from country music icon Tina C, with a political twist.


Barrie Keefe's drama set on election night in 1979, on the eve of Thatcher's victory. Presented by Eclipse Theatre and Young Vic.

Glue Gun 91 Election Night Special

The Young Hanoverians present themed performances of poetry and music from artists, writers, poets and musicians from the Brighton area

Without Planning Permission: Actors V Spectators

A unique show devised by Chris Johnston, in which fifteen characters will respond to the election as votes come in, and the next night, react to the results.

Election 2010 - The TV Debates

Michael Jermey, Sue Inglish, Alastair Stewart and Adam Boulton discuss how the debates influenced the election results.

Lush Life Election Special

Dusty Limits and Tricity Vogue feature in a cabaret show of new songs and sketches, with a distinct satirical theme.

Election Song Contest

Musical and satirical comedy with an election theme. Featuring political humour from Kate Smurthwaite and music from Son Of Dave.


Dan Muirden and Jamie Harper's political piece performed in response to the general election.

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