Fabio Moon & Gabriel Ba (3 stars)

De: TALES (Dark Horse)


Moon and Bá are Brazil’s answer to Los Bros Hernadnez. Like the Mexican creators of Love & Rockets this pair of young writer-artists are siblings (twins in fact), and like Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez’s comics, Moon and Bá’s strips mix earthy concerns (girls and boys and booze) with a dreamy dose of Latin American magic realism. This first English language collection contains a dozen strips, some collaborations, others solo efforts, all beautifully drawn and all set in their hometown of São Paulo. There, the boys’ cartoon alter-egos spend their nights hanging out with hip kids and romancing girls. In the raucous ‘Happy Birthday, My Friend!’ they get wasted with the spirit of a dead pal who’s created out of a pool of their piss, while in the lovely ‘Late for Coffee’, Moon spends all night roaming the streets, charmed by a girl with no name. On the strength of this collection, we look forward to more of these tales

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