Donate your pants to Zimbabwe and Ethiopia

Debrief Time: Donate Your Pants

The smalls heaven that is Boudiche has found a clever way of decluttering your underwear drawer. Ah, relief. Finally, all those ill-fitting, sale purchase, four-boob-effect bras that you know won’t get worn again can find themselves a happy home.

Boudiche has teamed up with the Edinburgh-based charity Smalls for All to collect bras and knickers to send to Africa. Set up last year by Maria Macnamara after a visit to an African orphanage, Smalls For All aims to collect 1000 pairs of pants, and as many bras as possible to send to women and children in Zimbabwe and Ethiopia. Macnamara decided to act after reading an article, explaining that many Zimbabwean women often owned only one pair of tattered knickers or were unable to wear underwear. A Zimbabwean priest explained what locals really needed: ‘Bras and underwear give women prestige; it shows they have money, so men are less likely to assault them.’

So to encourage shoppers to part with their underwear, Boudiche are offering 20% off a new bra at Boudiche for every bra donated on a ‘new for old’ trade-in scheme. Not such a ‘pants’ idea then (yeah, we went there) considering a recent survey from found that British women hoard 124 million unwanted bras (a typical female owns 13 but wears only eight, leaving five others gathering dust). There are donation boxes in the Edinburgh (Frederick St) and Glasgow (Ingram St) boutiques, where people can drop off their knickers (eh, brand new multi-packs only please!) and unwanted or ‘gently worn’ bras. For every bra fitting, Boudiche will donate five pairs of women’s or children’s underwear to the cause.

Bras and new knickers can also be posted to Boudiche, 203 Ingram Street, Glasgow, G1 1DQ. A 20% off online voucher for a bra will then be issued.


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